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Ripley 2.0

Ripley 2.0


She back and she’s better then ever!!! I introduce to you Ripley 2.0. A bohemian bridal gown crafted from laser-cut cotton lace fabric exudes an air of delicate sophistication. The intricate lace detailing forms floral and geometric patterns, adding a touch of vintage charm to the gown. Soft tulle and luxe chiffon drapes gracefully over the sides of the skirt, creating an ethereal and romantic feel. The skirt flows effortlessly, providing a light and airy movement that complements the bohemian aesthetic. Together, these elements blend harmoniously to create a gown that is both whimsical and elegant, perfect for the free-spirited bride.

  • Hire Terms:


    Rental price is the rent fee + the $150 bond, so when you return the item you will recieve the $150 back from the items total retal fee.  Rental period begins when the renter signs the delivery as being in their possession and continues until the item is placed back in the mail(exclusively 7day rental).
    Where the clothing item has not been returned to us by the Rental Return Due Date then We shall be entitled to charge additional hire fees until the clothing item is returned by way of issuing an invoice to the renter. A fixed fee of $30 for each day overdue will be charged. (Sundays and public holidays are not charged/included due to post office being closed.)
    If the renter has not returned the item within 15 days it will be deemed non-returned and we will charge 50% of the full retail price.


    The User accepts full responsibility for the safekeeping of the gown/item.
    Our damage insurance is the value of your bond ($150) to cover minor damage or staining. For instances where minor damage and/or staining has occured, the cost of repairs will be taken out of your bond, resulting in patial or the full amount of your bond not being returned to you.


    If the clothing item gets lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, whether or not such loss, theft, or damage is attributable to any negligence, failure, or omission of the User then the User will be liable to pay for replacement of the item. In assessing the replaceable value, we will take into account, the demand of that dress in the market, the availability to purchase that dress in the market, the condition of the dress, and the rental fee that the User has already made.


    If the renter wishes to cancel an order, then they must contact LoveMeKnot Bridal as soon as possible. We do not offer refunds for cancelled orders, however a one use store credit will be issued. To be eligible for any store credit, cancellations must be made 30 days prior to the hire date. 

    We do not accept change of mind as the reason for cancellation of the order. If you change your mind, then your deposit will be forfeited. We however will consider giving the renter a store credit after evaluating the situation.   

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