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Hali veil

Hali veil


Hali would take the prize for the most beautiful, vintage inspired veil. Made out of delicate, spotted bridal tulle and finished off with Italian chantilly lace trim. She’s the perfect addition to your bridal look and pairs perfectly with simplistic designed bridal gowns.


Hali Veil is non refundable $55 to hire. The full fee of the item will be paid upon booking and you will recieve the non refundable difference back when returned in original condition.


Available in cathedral length, 300cm, but can also be adjusted shorter if need be. Ivory in colour.

  • Terms and Conditions of Hire

    1. Booking and Payment:

    - A non-refundable deposit of the hiring amount per item, is required to secure the booking of the bridal piece.

    - Full payment must be made before or on the collection date of the piece.


    2. Fitting and Alterations:

    - Fittings are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance.

    - No alterations can be made to our hire bridal items.


    3. Care of the Item:

    - The wedding item must be returned in the same condition as when hired.

    - Any damages, stains, or missing items will incur additional charges.


    4. Rental Period:

    - The standard rental period is [5 days], starting from the collection date.

    - Late returns will be subject to additional charges unless prior arrangements have been made.


    5. Cancellation Policy:

    - Cancellations made [5 days] prior to the collection date will incur a [30%] cancellation fee.

    - Cancellations made after this period will result in forfeiture of the deposit and any other payments made.


    6. Loss or Theft:

    - The hirer is responsible for the Item from the time of collection until it is returned.

    - In the event of loss or theft, the hirer will be charged the full replacement cost of the dress.


    7. Insurance:

    - We require to obtain the full fee of the hire item at time of hiring. However you will receive the non deposit fee back when the item is returned and deemed in original condition. For example, if the dress costs $1295 to buy outright, this full fee is required upon hire booking. However you will be refunded $900 after the hire fee is taken out (1295 - 395 (hire fee) = $900) when all is deemed in its original condition.


    8. Refunds and Returns:

    - No refunds will be provided once the dress has been collected.

    - Bridal Items must be returned on the agreed-upon date and time. Late returns may incur charges. As for dry cleaning; if the Item is deemed extremely dirty you will be required to dry clean at your own cost. If the item is just general everyday wear and dirt, the cleaning is done by the boutique.


    9. Usage:

    - The wedding Item is only for personal use and may not be sublet, loaned, or used for commercial purposes without prior consent.


    10. Health and Safety:

    - The hirer must adhere to all care instructions provided with the Item.

    - Smoking and the use of candles or open flames are strictly prohibited while wearing the Item.

    By hiring our wedding items, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply may result in additional charges or termination of the rental agreement.

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